Do You Even Like yourself?

Do You Even Like Yourself

Do you even like yourself?

It’s a funny question.

We’re so quick to judge and label and form an opinion on others but we’re reluctant to turn that around on ourselves.

So…. the question remains…. do you like yourself?

I’m presuming your internal voice would immediately and defiantly cry out a resounding YES. But let’s turn off that inner dialogue for a second and really take a look at yourself.

Would you be friends with you? What would you think if you saw you walking down the street? What qualities about yourself would draw you in and what would turn you off?

This isn’t about trying to live up to others expectations, it’s about whether you’re living up to yours.

I’m not afraid to say that I don’t always like myself.

There are times when I catch myself in certain behaviours that don’t reflect my best self,  that I would never tolerate from others, or I get caught up in a moment and allow myself to get frustrated and angry, only to later look back and feel ashamed at myself.

Now some people may say feeling ashamed is a bad thing or that you shouldn’t dwell on your flaws and should live in a world of abundant enthusiasm and optimism and everything should always be nice and light and happy and fluffy.

I disagree, whilst I am an optimist I am also a realist. I’m not so ignorant to think that neglecting issues and thinking happy will solve everything. Whilst positive thinking and internal dialogue can help, burying your head in the sand and hoping things sort themselves out is a cowardly way to tackle your problems.

By waiting and hoping for things to get better you put yourself  in a powerless position and you lack the key ingredient which is ACTION to remedy the situation.

You may be wondering if this website is all about Achieving YOUR Alpha, the ultimate version of you, then why am I telling you these things? Why am I admitting to having flaws and demons? Shouldn’t I have all the answers?

I’m being so open for 2 reasons.

1. No one is perfect. We’re all on a continuous road to improve and to evolve. There are too many sites and books where the author comes across as the perfect individual, a testament to what a human being should be. But everyone has their flaws, everyone has their own moments of idiocy, no one is ALWAYS on.

So when your journey gets difficult and you struggle, know that anyone you look up to has walked a similar path and still battles their own demons and difficulties.

2. Self awareness is a critical component of self mastery. Being able to look back at your behaviours or catch yourself indulging in bad habits will massively help you in every endeavour in life.

Noticing your flaws is healthy. To have the self awareness to realise where you’re slipping will give you the knowledge to correct, to adjust, to be aware of what’s holding you back enables you to prepare and ensure you don’t commit the same mistakes.

I would rather know what is holding me back and correct these flaws than to simply continue life in ignorance, never evolving or improving. It takes a strong and brave person to look at themselves objectively and admit that they’re not perfect and they have issues which are preventing them from living the life they want.

I want to be the best man that I can be, to inspire, to empower, to bring fun, love, joy, happiness and support to those around me and anyone I meet.

I’m not going to allow anything to get in the way of that.

Least of all myself.

I challenge you to do the same.

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